Prescription Requests

When making a first-time request, call our prescription request telephone number: 248-625-1600, Press 3 or ext. 229. We use e-prescribing, an electronic prescribing method to communicate with pharmacies. For prescription renewals, contact your pharmacy. The turn around time is 24 - 48 hours, so please call before you run out of your medication.

Referral Request

Some insurance companies require a referral to see another physician or a pre-certification to have certain procedures done. If you need to speak to our Referral Department, please call 248-625-1600, Press 5 or ext. 223. It is important that you understand what requires a referral or pre-certification from your insurance, to avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

Results Of Tests Your Physician Ordered

It is our policy to contact you regarding all results. We will either send you a letter or contact you, if special instructions are needed. If you have not received either, in a reasonable amount of time, please contact our office. Our test result message line is 248-625-1600, press 4 or ext. 228. Our office does have a test tracking policy so we are aware of any tests or referrals to a specialist that are not done.


Any patient out-of-pocket expense is expected on the date of service. We do except Master Card, Visa and Discover.

Special letters & forms

Employers, insurance companies, and others sometimes ask that we prepare letters or forms containing detailed information about the medical care we provide. We have adopted a policy of charging when these services are requested. Such services include, but are not limited to, completing disability forms and health questionnaires, and composing various letters.

Missed Appointments

We appreciate your consideration of the doctor's schedule as we continue to provide timely access for your health care. We value our ability to provide patient access to our doctors in a timely fashion. When patients do not show for an appointment it hinders our ability to efficiently manage the doctor's schedule and impacts other patients. When an appointment is missed we will call or send you a letter. A fee is charged ($25.00) if a second appointment is missed. A fee is charged ($30.00) if a Preventive visit (CHP) is missed even if it is a first missed appointment.

Same Day Appointment

Our office has blocked appointment times so we are able to accommodate our patients with same day appointments. Please call our office before going to an urgent care clinic or the hospital. When using an urgent care clinic or a hospital your out-of-pocket expense will be greater.

Your Scheduled Appointment Time

Due to multiple doctors and their schedules you may not be called back in the order in which you arrived. Due to the nature of our practice, please excuse any delay in your appointment. It is important to our physicians that they address all patient's needs during scheduled appointments.

Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

Please take a few moments to review the Patient-Doctor Partnership brochure. As partners in your health care we look forward to discussing this information with you and answering any questions you may have.